Art at the Seehof

We support local artists and are happy to present their works in our premises. Learn more about the exhibits and their creators here.

Gisela Rott

  • Graduate designer, creative educator
  • born in 1962
  • resident in Lüdinghausen
  • Freelance artist since 2015
  • since 2018 Studio at Künstlerhof Lavesum – Kreatives Zentrum e.V.

I have always been passionate about words and images that touch the heart, make you think or simply convey lightness and joie de vivre.

Every human being is creative by nature. Even if we often forget this in our everyday functioning. We all have a great imagination that we can use for a fulfilled, self-determined life.

Listen to the voice of your heart. Designing everyday life creatively. Create and enjoy moments of lightness and joy.

  • Author, illustrator and publisher of the books “Was ich bin – Mit inneren Bildern ins Licht” and “Huhn, was nun?
  • Course leader for pastel painting, creative relaxation, creative writing and creative biography work, among others, at Künstlerhof Lavesum in Haltern am See.
  • since 2016 Art exhibitions in various institutions
  • since 2021 Travelling exhibition “Listening to life – inspirations in word and image” in various parishes of the diocese of Münster. The illustrated book will be published shortly.

Bettina Nowak

  • 48 Jahre alt, verheiratet, 2 Kinder
  • wohnt in Haltern am See

Malen bedeutet für mich mein Feuer, meine Leidenschaft auszuleben und gleichzeitig tiefe Entspannung, die Stille in meiner Seele zu finden!

Tätigkeitsfelder seit 2014

  • Leitung von Workshops “Meditatives Malen/Ausdrucksmalen” im Kulturgarten Duisburg und Jugendherberge Haltern am See
  • Leitung Entspannungsmalen-AG Offene Ganztagsschulen
  • Leitung im Rahmen von Kunstprojekten Eltern-Kind-Malen und Freies Malen für Erwachsene – Städtische Tageseinrichtung für Kinder in Gelsenkirchen
  • Leitung Freies Malen für junge Erwachsene im Rahmen einer Schmerztherapie – ehrenamtliche Tätigkeit / Kinderpalliativzentrum / Vestische Kinderklinik Datteln
  • Leitung Freies Malen für Senioren in Seniorenheimen in Marl und Oer-Erkenschwick
  • Dozentin für die VHS Olfen – Kindermalen und Freies Malen für Erwachsene
  • Gast-Dozentin / Ausbildung Tagespflegekräfte Schwerte und Lünen
  • Leitung Workshops “Eltern-Kind-Malen”, “Freies Malen für Kinder und Jugendliche”, “Freies Malen für Erwachsene (Anfänger)” , “Team-Tage”, “Familien-Angebote”, “Gruppen-Angebote” usw. am Künstlerhof Lavesum – Kreatives Zentrum e. V.

Olga Pelster

  • lives in Haltern am See
  • is a freelance artist, art educator
  • is a member of the association:
    Künstlerhof Lavesum – Creative Center
  • was born in Russia in 1976
  • lives and works in Germany since 2012

Her spectrum ranges from realistic to abstract representation. The harmonious effect and the fine color tones are the result of a long painting process with special techniques in several layers. In this way, depth and freedom for the imagination of the viewer is created.

“Painting animals makes me absolutely happy. I am always amazed at how nature has created them so diverse, perfect and beautiful. My animal paintings are created in a long process: discovering a suitable subject, gathering information, comparing photos. I only start painting when I am ready. For the right mood I take a lot of time, try to recognize personality, needs, behavior and characteristics of each animal. As a painting template I choose 3 to 4 photos, one as the main subject, the others as a supplement for details and perspectives.”